If you’ve read Dawn of Wonder, you may have noticed that slavery, now mostly known as human trafficking, is a central theme. What you may not know is just how big a problem it is these days. Take a look at the stats below.

At the office, we have been challenged to act on what we’ve discovered. Our prime motivation is from our faith – the way in which God consistently calls for justice, and insists on kindness being shown to the weak. But regardless of background or religion, there are certain things that we all know are just wrong. For people to have all choice taken away, to have no say in what happens to them assaults the very core of what makes them human.

Fighting against human trafficking is complicated. Vigilante-style efforts, though they work in stories, can actually end up causing more problems than they solve. From what we’ve learned, the most effective way to help is by supporting organizations that have the necessary knowledge, experience and weight. We’re still learning, but here are some of the groups we are connecting with and supporting.

Join us.

IJM Logo


The International Justice Mission works with local governments to find and free human trafficking victims and forced labourers in countries throughout Africa, South America and Asia. They conduct rescue operations, build cases against perpetrators, and help to identify and strengthen flaws in the justice systems of developing countries prone to such injustices.

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A21 is a global organisation that aims to end human trafficking through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships. They focus largely on education and awareness, but also aid local governments through the set-up of trafficking hotlines as well as providing rescued trafficking victims with legal support in order to prosecute their traffickers. A21 has its head office in the USA but has centres in 20 other countries, and partners with organisations in a world-wide network.

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Love Justice is an American-based organisation working to stop the traffic of Nepalese and Bangladeshi victims into India. They do this through identifying, intercepting and interviewing trafficking victims. In this way they are able to gain valuable information to identify trafficking syndicates, stop them and prosecute those guilty.

Cost Examples

One Aftercare Package


1 Day of Legal Representation


Medical Care for 1 Victim


1 Rescue Operation. Many victims can be freed through a single operation. More than 500 were freed in IJM's largest rescue.

Cost Examples

A21 has a different cost structure. They focus on the hotlines, working with governments to give them the info to save victims.

Cost Examples

1 Day of Border Patrol


1 Week of Safe Housing for an Intercepted Victim


Interception of 1 Child/woman


Paralegal Staff that prosecute 1 perpertrator

Human Trafficking Infographic
Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

Isaiah 1:17

5 thoughts on “Anti-HT

  1. Barbara Lipps

    Wow, just finished book 1. I was hoping Book 2 was ready!
    I already suport IJM with my AmazonSmile donation. And have been a Prayer Partner many years.
    I look forward to Book 2!

  2. Jim Dylag

    I hag been praying for awhile over that scripture you posted from Isaiah. Wondering how a schmuck like me could actually do justice. Thanks for an avenue!

  3. Jason Ray

    I’m halfway through your book right now and loving it! Another group you may be interested to learn about is Operation Underground Railroad. They work with local law enforcement agencies all around the world to rescue victims of human trafficking and prosecute traffickers.
    Website: https://ourrescue.org/

  4. Jeff Sabotin

    I was moved so I went ahead and donated to IJM. Thank you for using your words to bring conviction to others.


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