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Making Torval’s Bow (Video)

Sometimes you read things in novels that you know are just impossible, especially when you have some experience in that field. Running into something like that can make it a lot more difficult to lose yourself in the story. After completing the chapter on Torval’s bow (the bow made in a day with only a hunting knife), I wondered if I had just delivered a few thousand words of nonsense. I’d made bows and strings from natural materials before, but always using a range of tools. So I decided to put the tools aside and try out the technique.

14 thoughts on “Making Torval’s Bow (Video)

  1. Jeff Stott

    I’m currently half way through book one and i’m completely captivated! Love it! Reading the many descriptions of weapons and weapon making it’s obvious you have a wealth of knowledge. It’s incredibly hard to put down at night, but it keeps me entertained thinking about what will happen next while I try and go to bed. The Torval story was awesome and I’m very glad I found your website and watched your video. Amazing work! Book two coming soon? Cant wait!

  2. Mike faulkner

    Amazing work. As an archer myself I felt the thrill as the story moved from the telling of how he would make the bow to actually doing it with a knife and rock. Such a great read. To see it done made me so proud. I really can’t wait for the next book. Thank you for the imagery.

  3. Vince

    Shared your video with my family, and am trying to get my 10 year old daughter to read your book. The video may have sold it! Truly impressive – you, sir, are a Renaissance man!

  4. Chase

    I was just browsing to see if there’s an update on the status of the second book and am so glad I came across this video! I remember thinking while reading that it seemed impossible for Toval’s bow to be made in a day; now I stand happily corrected.

  5. Richard J (AUS)

    Great vid Jonathan….only about 20 more required to sate my appetite. You go to some length to thank the illustrator in your ‘epilogue’ but I only saw 2 or 3 including the cover. Are there more? Can there be more? I’m 50 but I still love picture books. Whilst the magic of novel reading (listening) is our imagination being relied upon to generate individual virtual worlds, I’d love to see your interpretations of some scenes.

    1. Renshaw Team

      Hi Richard. There are six sketches in the book. You’ll see a table of sketches at the beginning. One of the things we are looking forward to in the new year is getting more graphics to go with some of the scenes. Great to know that we are on the right track!

  6. Billy

    Finishing my second exploration of book 1 and this time it’s to the voice of one Tim Gerrard Reynolds. Listening to the story being narrated, after having read it myself a little over a year ago for the first time, adds a whole new layer of depth and recasts the magic of a first time read.

    I can’t wait for book number 2! (Also, awesome video. I can’t wait for pea-shot to apply those skills in a tight situation.)

  7. Swiss Onrye

    Truly amazing. Added a whole new depth to the novel I’ve already read through several times. Although now I am even more anxious for book 2, I thank and curse you at the same time for letting my imagination run as wild as possible.

  8. David Thompson

    The Torval story was moving. It both tugged at my heart strings and had me on the edge of my seat. I really hope we get to hear more about Torval in future book, he seems like a good mentor for pea-shot.

  9. Matt

    I don’t think you had to prove that Torval could make a bow in one day, but the fact that you did is amazing, and gives everything else you do a ton of credibility.


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