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The Wakening, Book 2

The sequel to Dawn of Wonder is underway. Having done all this once before, I hope that the second time around things will be quicker, but I have a feeling this could be a longer book than the first, which will naturally push the release back again. A longer book means a longer wait, but a more satisfying read.

The sequel has many similarities to the first book, but also some marked differences. There is more urgency to this part of the tale, as anyone who as read the first book would imagine. It was extremely difficult to keep myself from writing this book as the first, with a few chapters to summarise the events of book 1. But then there would have been little space to explore that childhood sense of wonder, that secret place inside that some of us remember well and others only vaguely. I also wanted a big foundation for the relationships, the skills, and the hopes that drive the sequel. Book 2 wants to be a furious expression of some of the deepest cries of the heart, at the same time as a sturdy adventure.

Book 3 is in the wings. With this one, the scale is going to increase significantly, and the mysteries will lead far deeper. There’s a great deal to explore, and I’m itching to pursue the threads that were introduced earlier. That book tugs at my thoughts constantly, like it’s jealous of the time being given to book 2. For me, it’s like trying to manage a couple of kids jostling for attention – not unlike being a teacher again.

Thank you to everyone who has bought the debut. I really appreciate all the support. Without you getting behind the first book, it would be very difficult to complete the second. As it is, the sequel looks to be shaping up well. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

490 thoughts on “The Wakening, Book 2

  1. Ian Goodale

    I have read this three times now and have enjoyed it thoroughly each time. Your ability to describe and create the story in a way that makes my imagination come alive is astounding. This book is at the top of the pack when someone asks what i would suggest to read. I have even given the hard back version as a Christmas gift to my uncle, who is an avid reader, so he has the pleasure of this classic. Thank you for sharing your talents and please let the next book come soon.

  2. Jennifer Norburg

    I have no words, speechless. Loved your book so much. I’d say you are the new CS Lewis, but this was so much more. Love that you are an unabashed Christian, joy to my soul in today’s secular world. Can’t wait for book 2!!! Also happy to be a beta-reader ☺. Congratulations on such a glorious achievement! God Bless & Best Regards Jenny.

  3. Gary O.

    I know you are busy with your Thesis but please don’t let this turn into another “The Kingkiller Chronicle” where a great series died on the vine. I find myself slowing down trying to stretch out my enjoyment of the first book but not sure I want to continue reading the series until you are done as Rothfuss has really soured me on great series that take forever to publish. Best of luck, I will be watching.

    1. Paul Bromwich

      I am so pleased I am not the only one who is fuming with Patrick Ruthfus for his lack of completion of the series; this is a great comparison!!! I sort of feel that authors have an obligation if they publish a book and take payment from you to complete the work.

      LOVED the first book from Jonathon and really hope to see a second book in 2018

  4. Kerry D. Hobgood

    Love your book. Can’t wait till the second one comes out. If you need a beta reader, I’d be more than happy to.

  5. Steve

    I just finished the audible version. This book rings so many bells for me. Firstly, Aedan (Aiden) is my son’s name. Just the mention of it makes me smile. He is my adopted son. Aedan grew up as I did, under the iron fist of man hidden behind alcohol. Those parts of the story always take me back to my beatings and my emotions threaten to drown me. I am now 42 and only 2 years ago found my freedom from my own fears, shame and guilt in my own cauldron.

    Kalry reminds me of hope. The hope that is born in all of us. The hope that we too will be rescued from our mundane lives. And just for a moment I escape in this book, well much longer than a moment. Every second I get I turn on my book, anticipating another dark hallway where Aedan shouldn’t be.

    I stand now as a man and father. I feel the freedom from my shackles as a child and revel in my being a father to a wonderful son. He may not be a marshal in training but he sure does look to the skies full of dreams and wonder.

    Thank you for sharing such a story and I can’t wait for book 2. Where we travel across the sea to The Ancient, Manhood, Hope, Freedom, Love and of course Wonder.

  6. Ida Eriksson

    I just finished Dawn of Wonder and I absolutely LOOOOOVED IT! WOW!! It’s the best thing I’ve read since Kingkiller Chronicle and Stormlight Archive. Can’t wait for book 2!

    P.S I actually found Dawn of Wonder through Audible after listing the longest fantasy books. First, it was the amazing cover that drew me in, then the ratings and reviews. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that book 2 is even longer. I can wait. Sort of.

  7. Amanda

    Just finished book 1, loved it and signed up to hear when book 2 is out. Actually just wanted to say I love how you have the link to donate to help the ‘Kalrys’ of today, thank you for drawing attention and raising awareness of something I’d imagine a lot of people don’t realise till happens!

  8. John Sterns

    I’m on my countless reading again of DOW Awakening; it’s my go-to book for when I need to be comforted, warmed, need a perspective alignment from my own challenges. I too check the sliders often, but I am delighted you are taking your time and anything else you need to get Book2 where you want it. I’ve gifted copies to all the special people in my life, and Aeden and crew have ardent support from the my clan and posse. Thank you again for a touching collection of characters, emotions, awakenings and worlds that all to realistically mirror our own. You have the gift of understanding and communicating the human spirit and condition, and I thank you for sharing it with me and teaching me along the way the priceless gift of empathy. That said…get busy! All good wishes, you’ve enriched my life immensely.

  9. Fredrik H

    I literally just finished Dawn of Wonder and found it a captivating, absorbing and meaningful read. I fell in love with the characters, the locations and the story. I would like to thank the author and all those involved in its publication.

    Of course, I immediately to this website to find out the status of the second and am in some ways glad to have to wait a bit for its arrival. This will give me time to nurture my excitement and anticipation.

    1. Pam Z

      I am so pleased to have found an author who cares about good grammar and phrasing! It was truly a joy to be able to delve into the story and lose myself. I could hardly put my tablet down.

      I am eagerly waiting for the next installment. Thank you Mr. Renshaw!

  10. Travis Patton

    I read this book exactly one year ago today… I still am excited to be able to read book 2. I like the idea of the special leather bound copies. I agree that it should be done. When it comes to REALLY good books, I like to buy the physical book. Let me put it this way, I have less than 10 physical books. I would buy the first book leather bound. Sad to say, with two months down since the new progress bar and only about 26% complete… It doesn’t seem realistic that book 2 will come out this year. However, I do a lot of driving and I hope that book 2 gets released at the same time with the audible version, then I can enjoy physical, digital, and audible forms at leisure. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to the endeavor of creating a second book just as great if not better than the first.

    1. John

      I’m with you, can’t wait till book 2 is released! However, when it is released, I’m going to lock myself in my room for a few days and read it slowly lol.

  11. Joyce S.

    Just finished Dawn of Wonder. Loved this book.
    I am a 65 year old grandmother and can’t wait to buy this book for my 9 year old grandson. He has read Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, so I know he will love this book. I love imaging all of the places and characters you created in this book. Can’t wait for book 2.
    Don’t take too long, I’m getting old! Only kidding, take all the time you need because your mind works in amazing ways. Amazing talent!


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