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The Wakening, Book 2

The sequel to Dawn of Wonder is underway. Having done all this once before, I hope that the second time around things will be quicker, but I have a feeling this could be a longer book than the first, which will naturally push the release back again. A longer book means a longer wait, but a more satisfying read.

The sequel has many similarities to the first book, but also some marked differences. There is more urgency to this part of the tale, as anyone who as read the first book would imagine. It was extremely difficult to keep myself from writing this book as the first, with a few chapters to summarise the events of book 1. But then there would have been little space to explore that childhood sense of wonder, that secret place inside that some of us remember well and others only vaguely. I also wanted a big foundation for the relationships, the skills, and the hopes that drive the sequel. Book 2 wants to be a furious expression of some of the deepest cries of the heart, at the same time as a sturdy adventure.

Book 3 is in the wings. With this one, the scale is going to increase significantly, and the mysteries will lead far deeper. There’s a great deal to explore, and I’m itching to pursue the threads that were introduced earlier. That book tugs at my thoughts constantly, like it’s jealous of the time being given to book 2. For me, it’s like trying to manage a couple of kids jostling for attention – not unlike being a teacher again.

Thank you to everyone who has bought the debut. I really appreciate all the support. Without you getting behind the first book, it would be very difficult to complete the second. As it is, the sequel looks to be shaping up well. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

490 thoughts on “The Wakening, Book 2

  1. Skippy the Magnificent

    Hi i just want to say I enjoy your writing – it definitely gave me some great times and great new things to think about, especially the father-son relationship. A question I have is what your writing process looks like on a daily basis? Do you just sit down and start working at it or do you have charts and ideas everywhere like a mad scientist’s lab with ideas going left and right. I must admit my own writing (when I get to it) is a bit more mad scientist. Anyway good luck with the book!

    1. Jarred Weaver

      It is awesome to see the other side of the fence. When I write I find it easier to sit down and “zone out” I try to see the people places and things in my world… but as I go deeper i may have to change my strategy.

  2. Bertrand Seguin

    Wow, I just finished reading Dawn of Wonder. It was so captivating that I only put the book down once I finished it. I have been reading Fantasy for more than 35 years. My personal Fantasy book collection holds more books than most libraries for the genre (to the great displeasure of my wife…). Truth be told, I am a bit blazé and not really impressed by many new authors. Dawn of Wonder reminded me of why I enjoy reading Fantasy books so much.
    Jonathan Renshaw is a name that am now adding to the short list of my favorite authors. I am looking forward to reading all of your future work and like all people who posted on this blog, I can’t wait for the release of (The Wakening).

  3. Trey West

    Hey, I am in college so the only time I can sit down and really enjoy a book is around the holidays. My question is book 2 going to be released around Thanksgiving or am I going to have to wait until Christmas to enjoy reading it? I know there is no release date as of yet but any hopeful dates or approximations would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Grey Beard

    How many Beta readers are there?

    Based on this published process; this step is the ‘longest’ one; yet we’ve all been waiting almost a year to get this far. 2018 is a given… but I’m wondering if Christmas 2018 isn’t more realistic.

    I enjoy his works, but repeatedly checking to watch the slow crawl is


    1. Renshaw Team

      There are about 50 beta readers. We know it is a long wait but we don’t estimate that the beta stages will hold the release date off by much. We understand the frustration but appreciate the continued support nonetheless.

  5. Sheri Barnes

    I’d very much be interested in art and collectibles. There’s just soo many ideas. The large beasts, rustic castles-fortresses, and all the late night curiosities. So many pictures… a bolt of lightning!!!

  6. justin ohler

    Any idea on a pre-order date? And if we can pre-order, any generalised price range that you can give us? Your team should also offer the last book, the second book and all the future books in a leather bound cover as a collector’s edition – you know a limited run with colorized maps and artwork in the book.

    1. Renshaw Team

      As of yet, there is not pre-order date but this information will be made available closer to the release. That’s a really fantastic idea. Once we release the book we will once again look into making collectable items available.

    2. Dave

      I have to agree. A collector’s addition set of books would be awesome! Here is another vote for that.
      The first book is one of the best I have ever read. I thought you did such a masterful job of making a great fantasy that felt so much more clean than a lot of fantasy today while still feeling so real and captivating.

  7. Jax

    Any possibility that there might be “beta testers” to check out Book 2 early? I loved the first one and it’s driving me crazy on waiting, I can’t wait to find out how the story progresses.

  8. Jason Montgomery

    As another superfan, it’s hard to reign in my instict to rush you in your art. It’s hard for me to ask you- please do not rush, but give this story the same love and attention that brought your first book to life for us.
    But even as I advise to let the art happen in its own time, I feel I must ask you to eat plenty of green vegetables, drink lots of water and take at least 30 minutes a day to increase your heart rate through exercise. I’m kidding of course… mostly. But I’d be quite alright if you’d keep writing for as long as it inspires you and may that be for the rest of my own life!

  9. riley

    I absolutely loved the first book, and am eagerly awaiting the release of the second book. I understand that these things take time, but please work as quickly as you can!

    Seriously though, the first was a great book, and I have high hopes for the second book!

  10. Trey West

    How many edits are there going to be until the book is finished? Also, about how long does editing take? Can’t wait for book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Renshaw Team

      We are currently in the alpha and beta reader stages, which will require editing and rewrites before the final checks are done. You can get a better idea of the process here. We’re just as excited for the release – working as quickly as we can! 🙂

    2. Brandon

      I cannot wait for book 2! I’ve read the first one twice already and listened to it on audible. I possibly made enemies on Goodreads for replying to all the haters that said the first one sucked – lol. I’m in for the long haul! I check the status bar once a month –
      keep up the hard work team! As I like to say “you’re killing me smalls”.

  11. Lynda H.

    I am rereading Book 1. Any news on release of Book 2? Love the first book and Tim Gerard Reynolds. Decided to read it because he was narrating it. I was very glad that I did.

    1. Peregrine

      I’m like many others and thought the 3 original progress bars represented the entirety of the writing process. That’s after reading Jonathan’s comments on the writing process he follows. So don’t be surprised if there are a couple more progress bars after this for the 4th 5th and maybe 6th rewrites. It’s still worth the wait though. The only problem I have with the story so far is it seems to have ruined my ability to enjoy any other. 🙂

  12. Anika Alldredge

    I was so excited to see all 100%’s before I saw there was a new progress bar…I’m dying but I will accept it if I’m forced to. I read Dawn of Wonder when it first came out, and I can’t explain how but it somehow became my favorite book above all others. The richness of this story is incredible and I will continued anxiously reloading this webpage until the sequel 🙂 Thank you for gifting the world with this novel!

  13. Lance

    So the third rewrite progress bar that mysteriously appeared today… that’s just touch-ups so it’ll be done quickly right? Please? I just finished re-reading book 1 and the anticipation is killing me.

  14. Brent Robertson

    98% SO CLOSE!!!!!! I feel like I am watching a real time strategy game on book writing. First book was so good. Cannot wait for the second. Come on Renshaw, call em up and tell them to get with it. I know you want them dolla bills! Looking forward to where the journey continues.

  15. Kimm Hudson

    Like Chris, I too check the progress as often as possible. While I understand that a longer book would mean a more satisfying read, I must ask you one question for those of us anxiously awaiting book 2…. Jonathan, What would you do for a Klondike Bar?! A whole case headed your way for inspiration if needed! 🙂

  16. BatSheva

    Loved #1.. I can’t even remember the character names anymore but I’ll reread book one, once #2 comes out. I’m really hoping that we’ll get inside the story of Aedan’s friend, the little girl that was taken, like from the moment it happened so we can see that side of the story.

    1. justin ohler

      This would be a phenomenal read for a side story or a few chapters that cover it in the book. But I have the distinct feeling like this would more than deserve a book all on its own and I feel like Mr. Renshaw would not be satisfied in till it gets all the adoration and attention it deserves from him.

  17. Chris

    I check the progress on this book about once a month. So excited to see how close it’s getting. Can’t wait to read it.

  18. Brian Cornez

    Mr. Renshaw,
    I am not usually one to leave feedback on novels, though I am an avid reader and have been for years. Generally-though a story may be good- I am not moved enough to do more than rate said story via the usual 1-5 star system. However. In the case of your novel, dawn of wonder, I feel I must provide feedback. You, sir, have created something truly remarkable. I have spent moat of my life devouring novels of the fantasy genre and thinking there were only a few authors truly worth reading, only a few who truly created something NEW. You sir now have been added to that list. This novel is not only amazing in its storyline, but the backstory and depth you’ve given to these characters is astonishing! I eagerly await the second installment and only ask that you continue to show the devotion to your characters and masterful atorybuilding you have in this first novel. Thank you sir for this work, it has truly impressed me and quickly climbed to the top of my all time favorites.

  19. Steven Konwent

    I averaged all the progress bars and the total average came out to be 83.83% would you say this is accurate for total progress?


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