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The Wakening, Book 2

The sequel to Dawn of Wonder is underway. Having done all this once before, I hope that the second time around things will be quicker, but I have a feeling this could be a longer book than the first, which will naturally push the release back again. A longer book means a longer wait, but a more satisfying read.

The sequel has many similarities to the first book, but also some marked differences. There is more urgency to this part of the tale, as anyone who as read the first book would imagine. It was extremely difficult to keep myself from writing this book as the first, with a few chapters to summarise the events of book 1. But then there would have been little space to explore that childhood sense of wonder, that secret place inside that some of us remember well and others only vaguely. I also wanted a big foundation for the relationships, the skills, and the hopes that drive the sequel. Book 2 wants to be a furious expression of some of the deepest cries of the heart, at the same time as a sturdy adventure.

Book 3 is in the wings. With this one, the scale is going to increase significantly, and the mysteries will lead far deeper. There’s a great deal to explore, and I’m itching to pursue the threads that were introduced earlier. That book tugs at my thoughts constantly, like it’s jealous of the time being given to book 2. For me, it’s like trying to manage a couple of kids jostling for attention – not unlike being a teacher again.

Thank you to everyone who has bought the debut. I really appreciate all the support. Without you getting behind the first book, it would be very difficult to complete the second. As it is, the sequel looks to be shaping up well. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

490 thoughts on “The Wakening, Book 2

  1. MV

    Hi! I keep checking the progress meter and glad it’s moving along! Can’t wait for book 2! Once the second rewrite is complete, what will be the next major steps to wait for after that? Will it be a 2018 release?

    1. Renshaw Team

      The stages of writing will depend heavily on feedback we get during the editing and beta stages. The rough process used in book 1 can be seen in the writing progress and process blog post, but every book requires its own treatment. The next stages in getting book 2 ready are likely to be much quicker that this second rewrite, but, yes, it does look as if we are heading for a 2018 release. We’ll make a big noise as soon as we have a book we’re happy to offer and a definite release date.

  2. Stella

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have tried to pass it along to as many people as I could. I look forward to the next installment.

  3. ML Gehman

    Recommended by my 40-something son who listened to it on Audible with his family. Got hooked, and am now listening to it for the second time and enjoying it even more. What was puzzling in the beginning now makes more sense, plus it helps me wait for the 2nd book. Love the humor blended into the emotions. And the Audible reader, Wow! Tim Gerard Reynolds couldn’t be better. Love Audible when on road trips–no matter how short or long.

    1. Renshaw Team

      The stages of writing will depend heavily on feedback we get during the editing and beta stages. It is likely to be quicker than the writing process of Book One, which you can read about here. We’ll make a big noise as soon as we have a book we’re happy to offer and a definite release date.

  4. Robin Ahrndt

    The first book ended when I was half way to Estes Park Colorado. My partner laughed his behind off when I started yelling WHAT? You can’t end it there!

    Excellent job! I can’t wait to read the next one! I hardly ever re-read or listen to a book but I guarantee this one will be listened to again. The second it comes out on Audible I will be buying the next one. My son will be receiving a hard copy for Christmas because unlike me he re-reads the books he likes over and over and he is going to love this one. Good job and don’t totally ignore your thesis 🙂 It’s important to finish what you start and make all those tuition fees worth it. (Just say yes mom and ignore me like my son does lol)

    1. Christian Cook

      The new book in the Age of Myth series came out last week, Age of Swords. im knee deep into it now. Great so far. And as always Reynolds is awesome narrating

  5. David Seeker

    As a truck driver I pass the time with audio books. Your first book had me wishing more road between deliveries – absolutely stunning!! I have listened to very many audio books (probably in the thousands) over the last 10 years, but this has to be in the top three easily! I know good books take time to complete just hope you don’t do like a few other authors and leave The Saga unfinished, as that is so frustrating lol. Thank you for sharing your talent and imagination with us.

    1. Kyle

      Hey David! I am actually planning on getting into trucking myself.
      I am currently working as a pizza delivery driver and spend all my time driving listening to audibles as you do.

      I must know what other books topped “Dawn of Wonder” for you?

      Also could you give me a brief pro’s and cons on the trucking industry for big rigs?

    2. Triston Bell

      Kyle, I would say give the Mistborn series a try 🙂 One of my favorites, and the narrator for Audible is amazing.

    3. Nicole L

      If you like this, try Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. It is frustrating as well because we’ve been waiting on book 3 for ages, but the first 2 will definitely please.

    4. Mr. Nick

      Really enjoyed Book 1 and wished that Book 2 was already available! Mistborn Trilogy is top of my list as well as Sanderson’s Way of Kings series. Anyway, not to take anything away from the great job done with Dawn of Wonder. Keep at it! Your audience awaits!

    5. Russ G.

      I would recommend the Wheel of Time series. 15 books long. About 500 hours long.

      Also Dune is good. (Don’t know about the rest of the series though).
      And Merkiaari Wars Is a good series in space. (Has language though.)

      Can’t wait for this book to come out.

    6. Kyle

      Thanks you Triston Bell for the suggestion! I will indeed listen to it after I finish the 3rd book of Benjamin Ashwood. I have also been listening to A LitRPG: Chaos Seeds series… I definitely need a filler while I wait for more future audio books! I am sure I am going to enjoy the series if it is a favorite of yours.

      I have really enjoyed KingKiller Chronicles and have been on that ban wagon with the oldest of fans! It has indeed been a long and longer to come wait for book 3! Thanks for the great suggestion though Nicole.

    7. Wes Eagle

      This book has been one of my favorites so far, can’t wait for book 2. I commute about 3 hours a day at least and audio books have saved my sanity. Now Dawn of Wonder is a great book that I have gone back and listened to 2-3 times already.

      Some of my other favorite series:

      The Dresden Files (15 books so far, narrator James Marsters does a great job in bringing Jim Butcher’s Harry to life)
      King’s Dark Tidings (2 books so far)
      Kingkiller Chronicles (can’t wait for book 3)
      Riyria Revelations (great complete series 3 books)
      Stormlight Archive (accidentally purchased Graphic audio version… at first thought it was a little much but it grew on me and I loved it. I think they do the Mistborne series as well)
      Mistborne …… of course
      A Pattern of Shadow and Light (4 books in so far)
      Red Rising Trilogy
      …….. I could keep going but these are some of my favorites so far……

    8. Christian Cook

      Wes Eagle. I read the list of books there you listed. In case you havent or didnt know about them, Riyria Chronicles and the Age of Myth series which is about the 1st Empire from the same world, about how it was formed. Really good reads, and all the Audiobooks are done by the same person, as The Dawn of Wonder book, Tim Gerard Reynolds. Amazing works by all,.

    9. Mojo

      While you’re waiting for book 2 to come out, start the Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb. That one has 5 or 6 trilogies in the series and is also awesome. Make sure you get them in the correct order though.

    10. Wes Eagle

      Cristian Cook thank you for the suggestions. I did listen to the first book in the Age of Myth series and it did not disappoint. Mr. Reynolds is one of the best narrators out there and always does a great job.
      MOJO i haven’t listened to that series yet and i will have to check it out one im done with the current book im on. Thank you for the suggestion.

    11. Bryan Campbell

      I loved this book. I’m currently looking for another great book. What are the other 2 in your top 3?

  6. Craig abbott

    I don’t normally leave reviews. In fact this is my first.
    Another first is that I’m now totally addicted to this series.
    The problem with being so good is demand is always higher than the work rate can be.
    Hope the ink flows true and the writing gods continue to bless you.


  7. Shane D

    Thank you so much for keeping a progress bar for the book!!!! I check it everyday before I go to work. I wish Patrick Rothfuss would do the same thing for his series. I mention Pat because I think it is a toss up for favorite series . I will have to make that judgement after The Wakening is complete AND Kingkiller chronicles are complete (which may be a while, we would know if he kept a dang progress bar!!!). Thank you for your great work!

    1. Kyle

      I have to say I love the progress bar also 😛

      However even though I’m obsessed with Pat’s “The Kingkiller Chronicle” (especially because no King has even died! Infact one was saved) series and awaiting his newest book in anticipation equal to that of Kel Kade’s “King’s Dark Tidings” I must say this book takes the cake for me.
      I am NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT emotionally invested into Aedan…

      I feel like I AM Aedan, and everything he goes through was in fact happening to me.

  8. Timothy

    I just wanted to say I read dawn of wonder when it first came out and I loved it! I’ve been waiting for book 2 since then and I check every so often on books I’m waiting for. I saw the progress meter on the side of your page and wanted to say thank you for that. It’s so nice to see you giving us a progress of the book and see how close or long it will take to finish. We all want more but you take the time needed and we will never be disappointed.

    Thank you again for the amazing stories.

  9. Mandy

    I love this book so much! I’ve read it several times. I recently purchased the audio book too. The world and characters you have created are so compelling and I am dying to read the next book! I’m an avid reader and I find many fantasy novels to be predictable. Not so with this book, every time I read it I’m left hungry for more. Please release the second book soon!

  10. Sidney

    Just wanted to share my experience with the first novel: I am a distance runner, and use audiobooks as my companion for long and regular training sessions (with varied results). To all: It’s incredible how much you can be transported into a story when you’re able to zone out of the real world in the name of mindless exercise. 10/10 recommend running + a good book. Seriously life changing, and the sole reason I’m now a marathonist!

    Anyways, never have I been more eager to run longer and more often than when listening to this book – I couldn’t stop! Lately, I found myself daydreaming a few times to a time that I was completely at bliss, and realized I was reminiscing about listening to the Dawn of Wonder while running along the river. I just had to share how much I LOVED your story and that despite finishing it months ago, I still dream of it and the pleasure of living through it often. Can’t wait for the next installment – I know it will be amazing, and lead to many more blissful river and forest runs. 🙂

    1. Erik

      Sidney, great review and I completely agree! What else have you listened to that you’ve enjoyed this much? Trying to find more epic fantasy outside Rothfuss, Sanderson and Weeks to hold me over until Book 2.

    2. Kim

      This is a great idea, I may have to get the audio book to listen to and make myself exercise while doing so. If it is anything like the book, I will find every excuse TO exercise!

  11. LarsNull

    As with absolutely everyone else, I loved the book and want more. Put that silly Masters stuff on hold and write, will ya? Pretty, pretty please? We all thank you, Jonathan!

  12. Ran

    I read Dawn of Wonder free through kindle unlimited. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased it so that I could have it to read again when the mood takes me. I am eagerly awaiting the second book. I am very surprised Dawn of Wonder isn’t on someone’s best seller list. Fabulous writing. Thank you Mr. Renshaw. I truly enjoy your writing.

  13. Isaac darby

    My dad says your book is like a big preview, but I loved book 1. I cannot wait until you bring us book 2 and eventually book 3. Keep the narrator and keep up the awesome work!

  14. Victor

    I must concur with other post asking for the same narrarator – and I’d ask that for all three books. An excellent story deserves excellent delivery, and you’d be hard pressed to improve upon this chap.

  15. Cat

    As a truck driver, and fantasy book enthusiast I can’t wait for this next book…the narrator you had for the first book was absolutely amazing..I don’t think you could find anyone more suited to your story.

    1. Kyle Dudley

      I totally agree!
      I been dyin’ for this. It was so down to earth and the fantasy aspects of it came in so naturally. The end I have listened to on audible probably 5 times, and I listened to it about 3 times in total. ALL 29 hours. The only thing that has got me this excited was The Name of the Wind. Then again I don’t know which new book for the series I am more excited about. The Name of the Wind’s newest book? Kings Dark Tidings newest book? OR THIS FRIGGIN WORK OF ART!

  16. Kyle Hinkebein

    I can’t WAIT for the second book on Audible. This is easily the best book I’ve ever listened to. If you haven’t listened to the audiobook, it’s amazing!! Even if you’ve already read this, the voice narrating in the audiobook is amazing and it’s totally worth enjoying and reliving the wonder all over again.

  17. Sean Thomas

    Dear Mr. Renshaw
    My 12 year old son and I listened to your book and loved it. My son is on the autism-Asperger spectrum and has trouble focusing. I have read him a number of books before bed over the years. Never has a story so engaged him. He laughed, cried and eagerly anticipated each new chapter. When I told him we had to wait for the next book he said, “Noooo!” with tears in his eyes. (This is not meant as a guilt trip 🙂 )

    Thank you for Aedon. I have been reading fantasy & sci fi since I was a teen in the 70’s, and he is hands down my favorite character. A true Hero, I am excited to meet him again.

    1. Christian Cook

      Great comment, Hope your soon gets to hear the second book soon. Because I am waiting on it as well and I am not even finished with the first. I am listening to it now and it is great.

  18. Marc

    I thought I wrote a comment, but apparently I did not. Well here goes, I was deeply touched by your book. Though I would not put it in the same arena as the shack or peace like a river but there was a certain spirituality in it that was the perfect touch. The story is an action adventure so that is what we are looking for, but for the extra kick of depth that was the wow affect! lol
    I do think that the next book will be just as fantastic, because someone that goes through that many rewrites and really looks their books will do a great job, but I just wanted to make mention, that you don’t lose the person that does the audio for the book. He is perfect for the part. I loved how he put expression into the words, that brought out the pictures in my head. I have to work with the elderly and there is some down time that I just clean up and to listen to a book like that brings joy to my day. So please if at all possible, use that same narrator for your next books. Thank you.

  19. Larry

    Jonathan Renshaw,

    I must say I am an avid reader, I am sure there are others who have read many more books than I, but I believe I read more than the average folk. I have a humble opinion in the big scheme of things but I do want you to receive this with as much weight as possible. The Dawn of Wonder, is quite possibly the best book I have ever read, your writing is beautiful, very in tune with nature in the mystic beauty of the world. I have lived a life much like this young boy in more ways than one. It is of course why I identify with Aeden but beyond that the book is just down right wonderful, I just want to say thank you very much and enjoy yourself in the following books. I am sure they will be pure gold just like the first.

  20. Michael Dellaro

    Unlike most I will not beg for you to speed up or to provide an ETA. All that I ask is that you put as much thought into the sequel as you put into the original as it is outstanding. Thank you very much for the magnificent book, I appreciate you and your craft. May whatever muse guides your pen keep the path full of wonder.

    1. I. Akosionu

      Mr. Renshaw, I really enjoyed your first book and am am enjoying the prospect of more in the future. Thanks for following your passion.

  21. Mark Lawrence

    Dear Mr. Renshaw,

    First off, excellent work with the first book. Like so many others, I’m always on the hunt for a good book. Prior to reading your book I had been in a slump. I had read several books that left me feeling torn between finishing the book simply because I had started, and putting it down to find something better. I hate that feeling, and I hate leaving books unfinished. The first installment of this series however, was the proverbial slam dunk of book selection. Everything about it was excellent, and I thought characters and character development was particularly excellent. The only problem I had, was that you gave it such a spectacular ending. But the only reason this is a problem, is because the second book isn’t out yet. But other than that, you killed it.



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