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Dawn of Wonder

Dawn of Wonder Book Cover
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Winner, 2015 LYRA Award

Winner, 2015 CIPA EVVY Award

Winner, 2016 Readers' Favourite Award

Winner, 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award

Winner, 2016 Audible Best Fantasy Audiobook

Runner-up, 2016 IPPY Awards, and Great Midwest Book Festival

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and Coming of Age

Audible #1 Best Seller in Epic Fantasy

$4.99 on Amazon
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"I flat out love this book!"

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"This is one of the best novels I've read all year. Readers will know what it's like to be transported to a magical, compelling world within a book."

San Francisco Book Review

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From the Author

Have you ever wished you could capture a moment, but not just the moment, the feeling that made the moment what it was?

Dawn of Wonder was written to be an epic adventure and a far-reaching tale of mystery and love, but I wanted it to be more than that, I wanted to capture something I couldn't quite define.

About Dawn of Wonder

From the Blog

A most enjoyable interview with a fellow writer, now friend, Davis Ashura. Davis: Today, I get to interview Jonathan Renshaw, author of the fantastic Dawn of Wonder, the first volume of his planned Wakening series. But before we get to your book, Jonathan, let’s talk about what you’ve done in the past. There is an old wives’Read the full article

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Sometimes you read things in novels that you know are just impossible, especially when you have some experience in that field. Running into something like that can make it a lot more difficult to lose yourself in the story. After completing the chapter on Torval’s bow (the bow made in a day with only aRead the full article

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As a child, I never had any trouble dreaming. The ideas I dreamed up, often during the excellent opportunities afforded by afternoon maths classes, had a way of growing to alarming proportions and becoming projects that allowed me little sleep. Since then, I’ve almost always been working on one large project or another. But somethingRead the full article

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Adventure and comfort are not synonyms. I doubt they’re even friends. With exceptions like tropical Goa and luxurious Bollywood, comfort is not what people envision when they think of India, but this is a country that certainly can be an adventure. Recently I had the privilege of spending a month here, and there were manyRead the full article

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